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Organic Chana Dal

Uttarakhandbox brings you high proteins Organic Chana Dal also known as Bengal gram. The mos..

Rs. 162.00

Organic Chana Whole

Uttarakhandbox brings you highly nutritioned organic chana whole direct from the farms of uttarakh..

Rs. 160.00

Organic Gahat

Gahat is a super miracle food which is widely consumed as a staple diet in southern parts. Uttarak..

Rs. 174.00

Organic Kabuli Chana

Organic Kabuli Chana..

Rs. 200.00

Organic Lobiya/Rains/Cowpea

•             Produce of – Patkot (Kota..

Rs. 187.00

Organic Masoor Malka

•             Produce of – Bageshwar (U..

Rs. 180.00

Organic Masoor Whole/Lentil

Produceof – Bageshwar (Uttarakhand)Speciality– Short time to cook, soft, unique taste to make whole ..

Rs. 170.00

Organic Matar


Rs. 120.00

Organic Moong Dal Split

•             Produce of – Thalisain, D..

Rs. 201.00

Organic Moong Whole


Rs. 195.00

Organic Soyabean White

•             Produce of – All hilly re..

Rs. 140.00

Organic Tor/Arhar Dal

•             Produce of – Thalisain, D..

Rs. 310.00

Organic Urad Dal/Split

•             Produce of- Kotabag Distt..

Rs. 312.00

Organic Urad Whole

Produce of- Kotabag Distt Nainital (Uttarakhand). Organically produced by PGS System Speciality –..

Rs. 306.00

Rajma/Red Kidney Beans

Production Area: Munsyari, Joshimath, Chakrata & Ramgarh of Uttarakhand hillsSpeciality - Short ..

Rs. 200.00

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